2. Conor Oberst was fuckin fantastic

    07/29/14 Central Park Setlist:
    •Time Forgot
    •Zigzagging Toward the Light
    •Hundreds of Ways
    •We Are Nowhere and It’s Now
    •Bowl of Oranges
    •Hit the Switch
    •Artifact #1 
    •Danny Callahan
    •No One Would Riot for Less
    •Governor’s Ball
    •Old Soul Song
    •Desert Island Questionnaire
    •Double Life
    •If The Brakeman Turns My Way
    •Lover I Don’t Have to Love
    •Poison Oak
    •I Got the Reason #2 
    •Another Travelin’ Song

    He also wore a great hat.


  3. Awww I love black sheep

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  4. tobyharvard:

    Polignano a Mare: one of the coolest places on Earth.

    Toby Harvard



  5. troglodytepicasso:

    "Weekend" by Ai Wei Wei.

    (via post-impressionisms)


  6. bohemianhomes:

    Bohemian Homes;’ Bohemian Interior with Sitar

    I should start picking up my sitar again.


  7. abystle:

    Borley Rectory, M.E. Wilson, ca.1940


  8. the-overlook-hotel:

    Gift set from Santa Carla Boardwalk, inspired by The Shining. Includes Room 237 T-shirt, Room 237 keyring, July 4th Ball Photo print, and an Overlook Hotel hedge maze map.

    If somebody were to buy this for me I’d love them eternally


  9. Crooned the shit out of this song at karaoke last night.
    Wish I had video.

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  10. just a little snippet…


     “No! Are you fucking crazy?” I screamed. People walking down the block stopped to look at me. I wanted to tell them that I was from Queens, that this was appropriate, and that they should mind their fucking business.

    Heheheh a little piece of Bianca’s book


  11. daftphoenix:

    Jeff Buckley | Mojo Pin

    Creativity envy


  12. I will give somebody a crisp dollar bill and/or a bit of dry tree bark to stomp on in exchange for a haircut that I actually thoroughly like on myself.


  13. fuckyeahabandonedplaces:


    Red door on Flickr.

    Abandoned children’s hospital/sanatorium/school in Italy. This place was built in 1880 as a barrack for soldiers, but then in the twenties it was transformed into a hospital for children with breathing problems and later on into a summer school.

    It is abandoned since 1992: the passing of time is starting to show. An imminent landslide will probably take this place down.

    (by www.marydog896.tumblr.com)