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    Egon Schiele (Autr., 1890-1918), Petit arbre en automne 1911, huile sur toile

    It’s Earth Day

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    Metaphysical Interior with Setting Sun”, 1971, Giorgio de Chirico.


  4. I’ve just ordered a bunch of beautiful socks, including these perfect socks with the carpeting design of the Overlook Hotel from The Shining :,)


  5. This skull was discovered in France between 1920 and 1940. Its easily one of the more disputed and controversial artifacts of its time. The museum of supernatural history claims (through analysis) that the horns are in fact, naturally a part of the skull. 

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    Stuff I did with Nina! :)

    this me ;3;


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    Open up, it’s fine out. 

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    by Gianni Berengo Gardin

    Toscana, 1965

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  9. I am no better and neither are you
    We are the same, whatever we do

    Had this song stuck in my head all day

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  10. Dumping the rest of the Rocky Horror Picture Show photos just because I love them so much and this is a personal blog so fuck off if ya don’t like it.
    (Riff Raff portrayed by yours truly)
    The photo from the takeover scene (second to last) is probably my favorite.


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    Donovan ~ The Summer Day Reflection Song 

    Donovan for hours. —————————— allvirgo, you must know this tune

  12. Go kiss the easter keister, ya schmucks


  13. Interior of a shop, St. Paul de Vence, France, July 2012

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    The Mills Brothers - Smoke Rings


  15. Ohhhhhh the memories of summer 2013

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