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     “No! Are you fucking crazy?” I screamed. People walking down the block stopped to look at me. I wanted to tell them that I was from Queens, that this was appropriate, and that they should mind their fucking business.

    Heheheh a little piece of Bianca’s book


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    Jeff Buckley | Mojo Pin

    Creativity envy


  3. I will give somebody a crisp dollar bill and/or a bit of dry tree bark to stomp on in exchange for a haircut that I actually thoroughly like on myself.


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    Red door on Flickr.

    Abandoned children’s hospital/sanatorium/school in Italy. This place was built in 1880 as a barrack for soldiers, but then in the twenties it was transformed into a hospital for children with breathing problems and later on into a summer school.

    It is abandoned since 1992: the passing of time is starting to show. An imminent landslide will probably take this place down.

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    George H. Seeley

    The Burning of Rome, 1907


    From Stieglitz: Camera Work


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    Dan Lester, anglais, 21 ans, utilise les techniques numériques afin de combiner la photographie et le dessin au crayon pour ses créations d’images.

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    Under the arbor - 1917 - (Via)

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    doodling some silverware pals :)

    Audrey Benjaminsen 2013

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  12. Can somebody please find me an awesome hat like the one Neil had in the early 70s with the feather in it?

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    Francesco Tortorella

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